What people are saying...

"I became a client of Mattea over a year ago through a friend that had given me a gift certificate.  She is AMAZING!!!  I’ve been getting massages once a month from Mattea and immediately noticed a difference in my body. I’ve never had a massage like how Mattea does hers. Complete mind, body, spirit connection! I would highly recommend her! " -Yvonne

"I had shoulder surgery and the rehab work was extremely painful and I knew there was a quicker less painful way to get the range of motion I had lost.  I tried several therapists until I found Mattea and her Magic Hands.  I began seeing her twice a week and my range kept increasing with far less discomfort.  I could finally go to physical therapy and tolerate the stretching and strengthening.  After recovering from the shoulder surgery I went down to weekly sessions as I was beginning to get further range than I ever had in my shoulder, neck and back.  Somehow Mattea always finds the stuck places and I am looser and more relaxed when I leave.  She is a woman of many healing talents and has an open accepting manner."  -Nancy

"I met Mattea Nicchitta in a business environment and could readily sense her innate talents of keen intuition, a deep understanding of the bio energetic field/s and a honest, personal desire to use these talents to help people to achieve wellness. 

It’s hard to put into words the exquisite treatment, both physically and emotionally that I experienced.  I can say that her skills had a spiritual affect to my core and I understood innately that vital healing was occurring within me as she worked, like a body-mind-spirit magician with my physical and energetic bodies. I can truthfully say that from the moment Mattea laid her hands on my back, I was instantly transported to a state of complete loving healing guidance. " - Pam