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Massage Services

               Relax the mind, Renew the body, Revive the Soul


  • Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sport Massage & Orthopedic Massage.
  • Myofascial Release/Unwinding
  • Trigger Point Release & PNF Stretching.    
  • Cupping to soften tight muscles, loosens adhesions and stimulates both blood and lymphatic flow.
  • Hot stones to relax and eases tense muscles. relieves muscle tension and pain, reduce stress and anxiety and promotes sleep.    


Mind, Body & Spirit Services


 “Energy healing is like defragmenting your hard drive. The scattered pieces of yourself become whole again.”
                 ― Jennifer Ritchie Payette


· Pranic Healing  (Hands Off)

· Chakra Rebalancing (Hands On)

· Guided Mindfulness Meditation during massage session for deeper relaxation

· Mind/Body Healing 


The above techniques are done with gentleness, sensitivity and intuition so that  healing is from within.  This brings more harmony and balance in mind, body and spirit.

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