• I interview clients to clearly define needs and expectations for the session.
  • I create and discuss a treatment plan and upon agreement, the session begins.
  • This approach is done at the beginning of every session.


TREATMENT OPTIONSdownload_20140824_161838

Sessions are a combination of:

  • Energy work including:
    • Pranic Healing
    • Other forms of energy work
    • Mind-body connection/awareness techniques


  • Hands-On techniques including:
    • Swedish massage
    • Deep tissue massage
    • Myofascial Release/Unwinding
    • CranialSacral Therapy



Pranic Healing was founded by Cho Ku Su who performed case studies on patients, analyzing treatments of specific symptoms to establish effectiveness and proof of healing. After many years of treating patients, he established treatment protocols for Pranic practitioners to study and  follow and this technique has been proven to help many people heal from a variety of symptoms.

To better understand Pranic Healing, one needs to know that we are not just a physical body but that we  have an energetic body.  This energetic body consists of an aura and energy centers called chakras.  All physical manifestations (i.e. arthritis, low back pain, depression, anxiety, ulcers, etc.) are experienced in the energetic body as energy that is congested or depleted.

As a Pranic healer, I work on the energetic body by cleansing and energizing the blocked energies. Once the energy in the body is able to move freely there is a simultaneous healing that occurs at a physical, emotional, and a spiritual level.

When I use Pranic Healing, in combination with hands-on massage, I find that my client relaxes more deeply making their treatment more effective and healing is experienced at a deeper level.  Also, Pranic Healing is great after surgery since there is no touching of the body.