About Mattea


I2013 084’m Mattea Nicchitta, a California certified massage therapist and a Pranic Healing practitioner.  I have been in practice since 1990.  My passion  as a therapist has always been to help my clients connect and heal in mind,  body, and spirit.  I believe it is when we heal in these areas that we are truly living a life of “wellness.”

Healing in mind, body and spirit occurs with any of my treatments either it be Pranic Healing, guided imagery or massage therapy.

Through the years with my extensive knowledge of anatomy and understanding how the body moves and functions,  I have had success in eliminating and/or reducing pain and bringing my clients back into balance.

In addition to rehab and deep tissue massage,  I also specialize in aura and chakra cleansing and re-balancing, and mind/body therapy.

My clients range from children to seniors.